I’m Kate Dewhirst.

Join my part X
Privacy Designate
training and community
for the child welfare sector
November 10 and 17.

Kate Dewhirst Health Law - bringing the law to life.

If you are the Privacy Designate or privacy advisor to a Children’s Aid Society, indigenous child and family wellbeing agency or service provider under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, I warmly invite you to enrol now in the course and join a new community of support.

I will give you confidence and help you find your flair in your privacy role.

For one price you get all this ...

10 Hours of privacy training

My course is comprised of 10 hours of interactive webinars and online group work with scenario-based learning.

Online resources

My course participants get direct access to curated online copies of all the resources you need to hand as a Privacy Designate, including:

  • IPC factsheets
  • My privacy policies written for the child welfare sector
  • My summaries on hot legal topics
  • A summary of the orders and decisions of the Privacy Commissioner, updated as you go
  • A summary of the privacy litigation cases across Canada

Privacy Designate Handbook

I'll give you my Privacy Designate Handbook, my personal collection of tools easy to adapt to your organization, including:

  • 15-step privacy programme checklist
  • How to influence a culture of privacy
  • Privacy terms and conditions to add to your contracts
  • Annual confidentiality agreement for all staff, students and volunteers
  • Privacy breach action lists and sample notification letters
  • Sample emails or newsletter posts to send to your team

Videos of all sessions

All my sessions are recorded and made available to you on my online training platform to review at your convenience. That means you can catch up with anything you missed, and replay any parts you want to see again. And again. And again.

Q & A forum

Course participants can use the course online forum to ask me questions, either between sessions or after the course is concluded. You can also contribute to and read questions and answers from other Privacy Designates on your course.

Course completion certificate

After following my course you deserve take pride in your increased competence as a Privacy Designate. So I'll give you a certificate to celebrate.

Meanwhile this is what you’re really buying...

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These are some of the real benefits to you and to your organization when you train with me:

A good night’s sleep

No more night terrors! My training gives you peace of mind that you're on top of the latest issues in child welfare privacy law.

Understanding how you're doing so far

My training gives you a measuring stick to know if your privacy compliance is #goodenough or if you have #worktodo.

Hands-on practical knowledge

My training teaches you how to lead your organization to embrace an even better culture of privacy.

Membership of a community

Attending my training you will meet a community of like-minded people who are also Privacy Designates.

Transferrable skills

As part of your professional development, the skills I teach will benefit you for years to come and wherever your career takes you.

This is me in action.

Learn how important privacy can be, and the consequences when it goes wrong, in this extract from one of my training videos.

Choose any day to examine our schedule:

Things people have said about Kate’s training:

Yes! I’m ready to train

Optional add-ons: let me train your staff too

Kate teaching

As you will learn, one of your most important duties as a Privacy Designate is to provide staff training to make sure your team understands Part X. I can do that for you, too.

I’ve taught more than 3000 Children’s Aid Society staff members from over 10 organizations on Part X issues. I use humour and storytelling to engage front line staff and managers to better understand their role in cultivating a culture of privacy. They will leave feeling energized and focused on what they can do even better.

As an added bonus, you can demonstrate to the Privacy Commissioner that you took privacy seriously and covered the topics that office wants covered in training.

How much does it cost to train with Kate?

Privacy Designate training just for you

$1195+HST $995+HST (early bird)

What’s included

The perfect personal training package for one Privacy Designate or privacy contact of an Ontario child welfare organization.
  • 10 hours of online training, all recorded on video and replayable again and again online
  • Kate's Privacy Designate Handbook
  • A full set of online resources
  • Membership in my Part X privacy Q&A forum
  • Course completion certificate

Designate training for you PLUS
video team training

$3075+HST $2875+HST (early bird)

What’s included
Add access to a video course designed for children’s aid societies staff on Part X. My regular price for this alone is $2700 so your bundle savings are $700.

  • Training for one Designate PLUS:
  • Team access to a 1 hour 20 minute video Introduction to Part X covering
  • The meaning of privacy
  • Access and correction
  • Consent and capacity
  • Safeguards and security
  • Includes IPC/O requirements for staff training

Designate training for you PLUS
interactive team training

$4075+HST $3875+HST (early bird)

What’s included

Go live! Delegate training for you, and a three-hour live interactive web session with me for you and your team.

  • Training for one Designate PLUS:
  • A 3 hour live online training for your team...
  • Including reflective exercises
  • Live polling of the audience
  • Lots of time for your staff to ask questions and raise scenarios
  • Session is recorded and made available online aftewards
  • Online testing and pass certificate in Part X privacy for all your team members
  • The best way to start to engender a culture of privacy
  • Includes IPC/O requirements for staff training

Early bird prices are available for

Yes! I’m ready to train

What if I don’t like it?

money back guarantee stamp

No problem: I'll take all the risk away from you. I’m so sure that you’ll love training with me that I make you this promise:

Attend the training. If at any time you don’t like the way it’s is going, if for any reason it isn’t what you wanted or hoped for, or if you’re not finding it useful, then I'll refund you in full.

So you can attend and be completely confident that what you'll learn will make you stronger and more effective in your role as a Privacy Designate.

You’ve seen the details. If you want to be an even better privacy designate, book now for November 10: